Monthly Update | October 2020

I hit a block when I was studying further into Kernewek. I think that the questions and the tenses were the ones that did it, and so I became preoccupied with other matters.

Attempted Study Stream

There had been this phenomenon going on for a while called the “Study with Me” streams which people show themselves to stream themselves studying. I would make that the subject of my other site, Quintillions Green, but I did include the Chubb text in that study stream. I want to do this in order to maintain studying discipline, which I hope will become more useful in the coming days.


I have become aware now that there are mutations involved in verbs, such as “to do,” “to will/wish,” and “to be able.” Though the trick is being able to memorize them and conjugate them accordingly, whether it is in isolation or before the a.

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