Study So Far

Since I know little to nothing about Kernewek, I decided to start with listening to Radyo An Gernewegva. I am not trying to learn about the words through it, rather I want to study audibly, by picking up the cadence and the rhythm of the language being used.

I can definitely say that there is a lot of rhoticity compared to British English which has little to no rhoticity. I notice there are a lot of [awn]’s at the end of words.

From my understanding, like the other Celtic languages, Kernewek has a VSO grammatical structure. While I tried to establish that for myself, I did have trouble with where possessive pronouns go. Apparently, they go before the verb as opposed to after.

I especially like the song in Radyo An Gernewegva #487 that sounded something like [hah-lee-guhn]. I thought it was so ethereal and it is prove that there is a lot of unrecognized talent all over the world. I can only hope to learn more about the lyrics, the song titles, and the artists themselves with time.

I have also started using Daryl Baldwin’s method of reviving the Myaamia language, which is to completely immerse myself in the revived language by putting notes all over my room of the translations of each amenity, so my bed would be Ow Gwerin and my door would be Ow Daras.

Also, like all of my language courses, I had to pick a name from that language. So I decided to completely decolonize my original name by making my Kernoize (for lack of a better word) my name as Denwith Liasforth. The first name comes from the words den nowydh meaning “new man,” which both comes from the Newman surname in my ancestry and this represents my own new identity. The surname comes from lies fordh meaning “many a road,” which means that life is complicated and has many roads.

Also, the adjectives mostly come after the noun it modifies rather than before.

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