An tavas Kernowek coth mynna nefra dhe vos tellys dhe’n keskar-tus dyskonkwerrys

“The ancient Cornish tongue will never be lost to the unconquered diaspora (people-scattering)”

-My response to the 17th century Cornish writer John Boson

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Monthy Update | August 2020

Music I had been listening more to the Cornish musician Gwenno, specifically her album “Le Tov.” I even notice that her song Tir Ha Mor (which means “Land and Sea”) has been used in Radyo An Gwernewegva. I can definitely see why, since it has that ethereal, psychedelic feel to it. Also, the song thatContinue reading “Monthy Update | August 2020”

Study So Far

Since I know little to nothing about Kernewek, I decided to start with listening to Radyo An Gernewegva. I am not trying to learn about the words through it, rather I want to study audibly, by picking up the cadence and the rhythm of the language being used. I can definitely say that there isContinue reading “Study So Far”

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